Label Maker – Tape Pack 1 (pink, blue, green, yellow)

R115.00 VAT Incl.

Each blisterpak contains 4 x 3m rolls of label tape – pink, blue, green, yellow

  • Durable Indoor or Outdoor Labels: The tape refills are built to last, they are kind of retro and modern at the same time.
  • This embossing tape sticks to all smooth, clean surfaces for clear, easy-to-read labels.
  • Applies Quickly & Easily: When the label is cut from the dispenser, there is a little extra tab, which makes it easy to peel off the backing, so that the label can be affixed to multiple surfaces. Sticks securely, yet it easy to peel off, when necessary.
  • High quality embossed images – clear white on top of whatever color tape you choose.
  • Fade resistant and removable.

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