Washi Tape

mt. Masking Tape. The original Japanese washi tape brand.


It all started with a mini book created by three women who were fascinated by masking tape. The book contained fantastic designs they wanted on tape, completely changing the idea that masking tape is a product only for an industrial use. The company was impressed by their idea and started development of a new product that would cater to their request for “masking tapes of different designs and colours.” Finally after a lot of trial and error, mt tape became a reality. The first mt Tape was just twenty colours, like the ones of a set of coloured pencils.


The 100 year old company Kamoi Kakoshi originally created the mt. brand which was the first and original “Washi Tape”, designed and manufactured in Japan. Since it’s inception mt. masking tape has been adapted to work in the 21st century with a more modern take on the original “washi”.

Although the texture is in some ways like traditional builders masking tape, washi tape is thinner, stronger, more durable, incredibly versatile, acid free and it is also available in a variety of widths, patterns and colours. It can be safely applied to a variety of surfaces as it does not leave a sticky residue behind when removed. It will not damage surfaces, making it especially ideal for home décor and craft projects alike.

The factory carries a ISO 14001-certification, meaning the factory takes great care in minimizing the environmental footprint they create. Though the texture is in some ways like normal masking tape, washi tape is thinner, strong, durable, incredibly versatility and acid free


Washi Tape has taken the craft and DIY world by storm in recent years because of its incredibly vast range of uses, such as…

• GIFTWRAPPING – Use Washi Tape instead of ribbon to brighten up plain, solid colour and natural papers. Decorate your gifts with patterns and designs. Decorate envelopes and make beautiful cards and gift tags.
• HOME DECOR – mt Washi Tape is durable and doesn’t leave residue behind, making it the perfect medium for decorating, doors, wall art – great for renters!, appliances and even furniture.
• ORGANISING – mt Washi Tape is colourful, perfect for flags and tabs because you can also write on it. Use it to label items, designate important calendar dates, and decorate your office supplies.
• CRAFTS – mt is a great medium to make all sorts of fun and simple crafts. Select colours and designs that inspire you and use them in all your projects. It’s great for upcycling old items, scrapbooking memories & journaling. Dream boards, pots, candles, boxes and the list goes on (check out our Pinterest Board)
• PARTIES – mt washi tapes can also be a quintessential party supply. Use tapes in your parties theme colours and add them to candles, cutlery, table decorations and other supplies to co-ordinate everything and add a bit more flair to the festivities!


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